Got Two Wine Yeast Cultures, Lalvin EC-1118 And Red Star Premier Cuvée

Here it is! In the flesh. Two pure wine yeast cultures. The Lalvin EC-1118 and the Red Star Premier Cuvée. How do I got these? I used method number “6”. My friend Bong used method 4 – he has a close relative living in the US.

lalvin and red star wine yeast

Quick view of two wine yeast brands.

Lalvin 1118
Saccharomyces bayanus, strain isolated from champagne experiment.
Net Weight is five grams per sachet
GMO and gluten free
Produced for LALLAMAND Inc.
Product of Canada

Tolerant up to 18% alcohol.
Ideal for making quick wines.
Has the ability to inhibit wild yeasts.
Good for sparkling wines, champagne, dry meads, late harvest and secondary stuck fermentations.
Low foam and hydrogen sulfide production.
Most widely used cause of its wide temperature range – 10-30 ºC or 50 to 86 ºF.

Stuck fermentation is an unintentional halt of fermentation process. Dead yeast release substance inhibiting the growth of other yeast. Bayanus strain is able to withstand and continue the halted process.

Ingredients: yeast, emulsifier

Direction for use. Dissolve the dry yeast in 50 ml of warm (not hot, 40-43ºC) water. Let stand 15 minutes without stirring, then stir well to suspend all the yeast. Add to previously sulfited must. Note: the yeast should not be kept in the rehydration medium longer than recommended.

Red Star Premier Cuvée
Strain – Davis#796, bayanus strain from French Wine
Net Weight is five grams per sachet
Manufactured in Belgium by Algist Bruggeman N.V. Langerbruggekaai 37, 9000 CENT for FERMENTIS
Temperature range  45-95 ºF.
Alcohol tolerance – up to 18%
Resistant to free sulfur dioxide.
Low foam, urea and fusel oil producer.
Recommended for red wine, white wine and champagne.
The fastest and cleanest culture offered by Red Star

Ingredients: yeast, emulsifier: sorbitan monostearate (E491).

Preparation: The envelope contains enough yeast to make up to 5 gallons (20 to 23 liters). For best results, dissolve yeast by adding about 1/4 cup (50ml) of water at about 38 to 45 ºC. After opening, the yeast should be used within one month and kept under refrigeration.

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