How to Cook Banana Peel Chips and Dinuguang Saging

I have a post regarding the banana peel vinegar. And this time Jesica Soho reported that it can also be made into banana peel chips. If you are making banana chips, you can also consider making peel chips. According to its inventor, it taste like fried squid and eggplant.

The Banana Peel Chips

1. Wash banana peels and slice into cubes.
2. Boil with small amount of salt solution to remove the latex.
3. Arrange in trays and dry under the sun. Oven dry if possible.
4. Mix flour, milk powder and sugar. This will serve as chip coating.
5. Rinse dry banana peel in water then coat immediately with the coating mix.
6. Deep fry until golden brown.

People on tight budget can make dinuguang saging. Cook it like your traditional dinuguang baboy. They never mentioned the ingredients proportions. Sorry!

Dinuguan Saging (The Bloody Banana?)

1. Wash and peel green bananas.
2. Slice cross-wise and cut to cubes.
3. Saute bananas with onions, garlic and pork fat.
4. Then pour pig blood.
5. Add vinegar to taste then boil until tender.

Serve and enjoy!

Bananas also have some medicinal uses according to Bureau of Plant Industry.

The fruits are most valuable and widely used in medicine. According to Nadkarni the unripe fruit is a valuable article of diet, especially for those suffering from hemoptysis and diabetes, and in the dried state, or preserved with sugar, it is antiscorbutic; it is also useful in diarrhea.

Flour made of green bananas is used in cases of dyspepsia with flatulence and acidity. A slight gruel made of banana flour mixed with milk is said to be a tasty and easily digestible article of diet in cases of gastritis.

The ripe fruit is beneficial to anemic persons on account of the iron contained in it, and is a valuable food in chronic dysentery and diarrhea when mixed with half its weight of tamarinds and a little common salt.

Sanyal and Ghose say that the fruits are employed as an antiscorbutic and as a mild astringent diet in cases of dysentery. They continue that a combination of ripe bananas, tamarind, and common salt is most efficacious in dysentery.

Nadkarni further states that a mucilage prepared from the seeds has been found of great service in the catarrhal and mild inflammatory forms of diarrhea.

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