How To Make Tawge / Tawgi / Toge / Balatong / Mung Bean Sprouts

Soak mungbean / mungo in water for 2-3 hours or until swollen. The seeds will absorb water, will almost double its size and will become soft. Remove any floating munggo.

soaking mungbean in water

Wrap the soaked seeds loosely in towel.

Get a basin. Fill it with water, one-inch depth only. Get a wooden block and place it in basin, only half of the block should be submerged in water and it should be wide enough to support the wrapped seeds. The water and towel will keep the seeds moist.

Place the wrapped munggo in basin setup. Cover and let stand for two days.

wrapping monggo beans
Remove  the mungbean sprouts from towel and wash it with several changes of water. Discard the floating seed coats.

sprouted munggo or tawge

Removing all the seed coats is not necessary, seed covers are edible. However, remaining can be removed one by one if desired.

tawge in recycled ice cream container

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