Eating a Raw Immature / Young Okra, Lady’s Finger

My wife is slicing okra to cook it as vegetable ingredients. Most people do the same thing for okra, cooking it first before eating. I love eating cook okra even if it has a slimy mouth feel. Even a plain boiled okra, rice and soy sauce is enough meal for me.

okra and kangkong

This friend of mind from Batangas Province has a different habit of eating okra. He eats raw immature okra about one to two inches long. I saw him picking young lady’s finger and directly putting it in his mouth. I asked him why was he eating an uncooked okra. The he replied that it can be eaten as is without cooking. I also tried what he was doing and the taste was great. Young okra was crunchy but other sensory properties are not different compared to cooked version. Fruit more than two inches long cannot be eaten raw because their skin is tougher.

Some provinces have delicacy that may not be acceptable to others. My aunt from Romblon told me that they eat immature guava, immature santol and shell of very young coconut. She also told me that cloves of garlic soaked in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar is a good viand (ulam)

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