How to Make Banana Peel Vinegar

banana peels, 1 kg
water, 8 cups
sugar, 1½ cup
baker’s yeast, ½ teaspoon, wine yeast rather
vinegar starter, 1 cup

Materials and Equipment:
measuring cup
measuring spoon
chopping board
wide-mouth glass jars

1. Slice a kilo of banana peels, add four cups water, then boil.
2. Extract the juice, decant and filter through cheesecloth.
3. Add four cups water, 1 ½ cups sugar. Mix thoroughly and pasteurize for 10-15 minutes at 60-65ºC.
4. Transfer into sterilized container, half-filled.
5. Cool, then add ½ tsp baker’s yeast for every eight cups mixture. Allow to ferment for 7-8 days.
6. Decant/siphon to separate sediments, dead yeast and pulp.
7. Add once cup vinegar starter for every four cups liquid. Cover with clean cloth/paper.
8. Allow to ferment at room temperature for 2-3 weeks or until a  sour vinegar odor is evident. Decant to separate the sediments.
9. Transfer vinegar to bottles and pasteurize. Age for a month or more to allow delicate flavor development.



Whenever possible, use wine yeast or bubod. Baker’s yeast should be your last option. It will still produce alcohol which is a pre-requisite of vinegar production, provided that appropriate conditions are met. However, the overall flavor is expected to be bready, or bad in short.

Bubod can be acquired from tapuy makers. A friend of mine gave me Chinese bubod, so I am guessing you can get some from Chinese businessmen.  Another rough method is by using an overripe chico fruit. That is only during fruit season.

Stick to branded wine yeast for consistency. This are regularly re-cultured in  laboratory to maintain purity. Be sure to choose the right species for your location temperature. It can be bought from online auctions.

The sound of “Banana Peel Wine” is interesting. You may wanna discontinue the process after wine and sold it as is. It usually commands higher price than latter.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

13 Replies to “How to Make Banana Peel Vinegar”

  1. I am facinated by the banana vinegar process. Now, I am considering doing abusiness out of it. May I know if I can use Saba banana peelings? thank you.

  2. maaari ko po kayang gwing thesis itong banana peelings wine/vinegar?thanks po..wla po kc ako maisip na pwdeng mging thesis topic/title..

    1. The foul odor is unacceptable. U cannot get it off once it is in there. Please review the whole process. Ur product might got contaminated with unwanted bacteria (molds perhaps) during the course of preparation and fermentation. Please make it as sanitary as possible to avoid contamination.

      You can also state here a very detailed process on how you made you vinegar and I will help you pinpoint where the problem is.

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