How to Make Banana Heart Pork Lumpia

Almost any kind of meat and vegetable mixtures can be wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and deep-fried. Every kind of mixture may result in a unique delectable taste. Or, the cooking experiment may result in a failure or not so desirable outcome.

Tocino, longganisa, embutido, corned beef, etc.. can be tried for lumpia making.

This time, I used the same mixture for making – Banana Heart Pork Siomai. See the recipe for ingredients and mix preparation.

1) Place a small amount of mixture in a lumpia wrapper.  The size and thickness should be the same as the size of normal shanghai lumpia. Bigger sizes may result in a cooked wrapper but uncooked filling when deep fried.

wrapping banana heart lumpia 1

2) Fold the rear side of wrapper forward. Then fold the left and right sides toward the center. Roll it forward to make a cylindrical shape. Wet the wrapper end to make a seal.

banana heart lumpia 2 stage wrapping

banana heart lumpia final wrapping stage

The freshly made lumpia can be deep fried immediately or stored in freezer for later use.

Banana heart pork lumpia is so delectable.

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