4-in-1 Kakanin sa Bilao. Biko, Ube at iba pa…

Did you know that this not so popular store sells good tasting kakanin. It has no name. We don’t even know who the owner is. It looks like a fly-by-night store avoiding tax authorities, but it is always there every time we pass by. For the benefit of everyone, we pinpointed its location with the help of android phone, google map, gps and mobile internet. Here it is…

The complete address as pointed by GPS is Pan-Philippine Highway, Calamba, Laguna Philippes. Latitude: 14.199946 | Longitude: 121.14978. I think the altitude is not that important. It is not like you’re going to come there in a flying car. The altitude is 34 meters for the sake of referencing. Other point of references are Real Road, Real Elementary School and Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop.

All of us three left from home early and skipped breakfast. Kakanin, as I speak, are mostly made out of rice. The “kanin” is the tagalog term for cooked rice. The “kakanin” are sweet delicacies made of rice, mostly glutenous rice. It is a rich carbohydrate source so it is a nice thing to tame our angry tummies.

4-in-1 kakanin sa bilao




sapin sapin

The small bilao cost us 180 pesos. It has biko, ube, sapin-sapin (am I right?) and the orange thing which is similar to latter two. The decorations on top are latik. It was lined with fresh banana leaves and and the whole thing was covered with large PE bag. Several cellophane bags were included. It served as hand gloves to prevent our not so clean hand from getting more dirty. The biko portion was almost done before we removed the large PE bag cover.

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