How to Cook Pinaputok Na Tilapia (In Banana Leaves)

Another delectable tilapia recipe!

1 tomato, chopped, crunchy ripe is preferred
1 thumb size ginger, sliced thinly
1 onion, chopped
1 glove garlic, minced
1 fresh tilapia, the bigger the better

1) Prepare all the ingredients listed above. Removed the gills and other entrails of tilapia. Then wash thoroughly under running water or several changes of still water. Whatever method of washing you want to use is okay.

2) Deepen and widen the cut along tilapia belly by using a sharp pointed knife. Take care not to force the knife to other side. Stuffing will be hard if it happens

3) Fill all the ingredients to tilapia belly then wrapped it with banana leaves. Secure the wrap with abaca tie. A tie made of any banana  bracts will do. We call it lapnis in tagalog.

Other uses aluminum as wrapper. The golden brown color will never be achieved however. Too much stuffing ingredients can still be included in wrap, outside the fish.

4) Fry each side for five minutes on vegetable oil.

5) Serve

pinaputok na tilapia

I wonder why my wife transferred it to fresh banana leaves. Maybe she was after the presentation. I think it would be nicer if she never removed the fried leaves.

The recipe is related to inihaw na tilapia (ember cooked) wrapped in aluminum foil  and inihaw na bangus, broiled milkfish, wrapped in banana leaves. You may jump to this two recipes instead if you are a cooking oil hater. They are not dipped in cooking oil and the smoke flavor make them more delectable.

Anyway, the dish is good. I like it!

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