Lato Seaweed Becomes Soft After Washing With Tap Water

This is my wife’s new version of lato seaweed salad. This time, it has sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. The combination of three crispy ingredient is perfect. No need to add mayonnaise or any other salad dressings. The slightly sour tomato, salty lato and bland crispy cucumber and enough flavors.

However, you are not limited do these ingredients. Any kind of food that is within your imagination and suits your taste buds can be added to salad.

lato seaweed mix

Lato seaweed is very delectable for me.  Thee weed is firm and crispy outside and soft soft inside. It is always my request every market day. I just have one objection about it. It become soft after a while.

My observation started the first time we bought the sea plant.  The vendor is placing the commodity next to other seafoods like tahong, shrimp and talaba. They placed the seaweeds in a cellophane when bought. She placed it in her bayong together with other goods. Then we washed it when we got home. Placed inside the refrigerator (just above the vegetable bin). Last, we made a lato seaweed salad right before lunch.

After, lato is still crispy but not as crispy as before and some of them are literally soft. I am thinking that it would be more delectable when served on pick of its crispiness.

We tried several ways to preserved its crispiness:

1) We placed it on top most part of bayong. Lato have very delicate skins. Moderate forces like dent and congestion are enough to break the peels, juice will ooze out afterwards.

Result: no success.

2) In addition to method number one, we wash it very gently. Each branch is deep in clean water one by one.

Result: no success.

3) In addition to method number one, we never washed the lato seaweeds immediately. We washed it just before lunch time. She bought it at 9 am and it was still crispy at 12 noon.

There are two possible explanation for this. Lato are salty by nature. When it is submerged to tap water, some salt might absorbed more water and causing skin rupture. Or the salt might travel from seaweeds to tap water, the process of osmosis or travel of substance from greater concentration to lower concentration. The loss of some contents will make the lato softer.

Any objections?

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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  1. Hi, we also prepare this king of salad every weekend (our market day). But instead of the “lato” we buy “gusu” (spinosum vaiety) and much crunchier. Same procedure that you do, washed the seaweed before preparation and eat immediately. But we add manibalang ng mangga at alamang. FYI. dennis

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