Ginataang Paiti | First Iteration

Paiti belongs to snail family, though I never  know its common English name and the exact specie. It thrives well in muddy river portions. Gathering paiti is easy as long as it is in shallow water. Pick it up one by one and take care  not to disturb the mud, the paiti will be hidden otherwise.

Gathering in deeper water or wide shallow water is harder. Not disturbing the mud is impossible. A circular equipment with net is used to get them by chance and filter out the mud and other foreign objects.

Snails are wash. Tails are cut off. Often cooked in coconut milk with some siling labuyo.

Usually, paiti are gathered as pulutan (snack for alcohol drinking session). It is a good viand too. Frankly, snails are not good tasting.  They are moderately bitter. I really enjoy eating it however.

ginataang paiti

It is eaten by placing the front opening directly between lips then sucking it forcefully. Not a good sucker? Hammer is a good tool for breaking the shell.

cut paiti

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