Dirty NFA Rice to be Sold as Chicken Feeds

Thousands sack of rice are to be auctioned by National Food Authority because they are fit only as chicken feeds. Their were part of imported rice last year 2010. Importation was done to fill up the passed rice shortage. Shortage due to low  production or due to hoarding of large capitalists? Hmm..

ABS-CBN TV Patrol News Team inspected the rice warehouse located at Castillejos, Zambales. Rice was really unfit for human consumption. The color was gray with dirt and pieces of sand. Have the characteristic odor of crude oil and rust.sack of rice illustration

According NFA, Those rice are really dirty because they are swept rice. During rice storage and transport, rice pieces fell down on floors. Those are swept and packed again. Instead of dumping, those will be sold as chicken feed.

Over 5000 sacks of rice is a huge waste. Imagine how many people can be fed by this quantity. Maybe their mode of handling is too rough to loose such huge kilograms.

NFA assures that the rice will be sold to chicken raisers only and not to dealers that might attempt to recycle the rice. Mixing cheap rice with expensive varieties is a common practice of rice dealers to increase their income. Rice recycling is another bad option.

Many people cannot differentiate the taste of different rice varieties. For them the taste of NFA Rice and the expensive jasmine rice have no difference, so they opt to buy the first. But my sense of taste is sensitive enough to notice their difference (I bet there are many of us). Jasmine rice is not my choice but NFA rice is a bad choice, its taste and aroma are not acceptable.

I think NFA rice is salable only during times when the cost of regular rice is steep. If next importation of rice is needed, please choose a rice with acceptable aroma and taste!

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  1. good day sir,just want to ask if still my alam kang mbibilhan ng mga dirty o swept rice,even wet rice to be dried,.need ko ho regular supply for my business,hope to hear you soon,thank you.

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