Edible Foods Identification Tips, based from animal eating behavior

If someone is stranded in the forest and no water to drink, safe drinking water may be found by following tips written in this article, “Sealed and Clean Drinking Water From Plants“. Get water from plants namely coconut, pitcher plant and bamboo. Or go to nearby spring with crystal clear water.

A mini spring water, balon, is preferable than large river. The first is often cleaner than the latter.

However, water alone is not enough. Everybody needs solid foods as source of energy and nourishment. Everyone must drink clean water and eat safe solid foods. Anyone must learn how to survive. He must learn how to look for safe and edible foods.

How to identify edible foods in middle of the forest or mountains? There are three methods known to me.

1) Look for familiar fruits and vegetables. Perhaps someone cannot go wrong with a familiar commodity. Domesticated plants might be thriving somewhere near.

2) Anything eaten by goat is safe. I heard if from a manufacturer of herbal products (I forgot the particular name). Goats are sensitive and  picky eater. He observed the goat patiently and collected every plant eaten by it. He then processed the collected items into herbal supplement. He offered the product for sale after self testing.

3) Anything eaten by bird is safe. The second item could be realized only if one is together with the goat, which would be a very rare coincidence. Birds are better alternative. Look for fruits half-eaten by bird. I think, I heard this one from Kap’s Amazing Stories.

banana eaten by bird

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