How to Make Rice Milk

Last November 14, 2010, My son was already six months old. We started giving him some solids foods. His pediatrician recommended giving small quantities of mashed potatoes, carrots and squash. Plain biscuits can also be given.

At his age he can also consume a rice milk or “aam” in Tagalog, the so called poor man’s baby milk. Doctors may recommend this to baby if the baby was unable to take mother’s milk and develop some negative reaction to commercial milk formula.

I remember my younger sister took only rice milk when she was over six months old. She developed negative reactions to breast milk and commercial milk formula.

She was unable to breastfeed. So we feed cow milk formula for our baby. Now that he is already six months old, I wanted to include rice milk in his new milk formula. I wanted to be sure that he have other option in case he developed negative reactions to commercial milk formula.

1) I searched the web to know the right proportion for rice milk preparation. The common formula is one cup rice of choice (some recommended healthier brown rice) to four cups of water. Mix and boil until slurry. Cool and allow sediments to settle. Then decant or pour into new container, take care not to disturb the settled sediments. Flavors of choice can be added.
2) My auntie is using an expensive ground rice for her baby so I bought an expensive ground rice too.
3) I never intend to replace infant formula completely. His current milk preparation is four scoops in four ounces of water. I just want to replace the one scoop of milk with rice milk. So I used 1/4 cup rice to four cups water.
4) With the proportion of 1/4 cup rice to 4 cups water, I prepared the rice milk using the procedure in step 1.
5) I prepared the mixture of rice milk and commercial formula by placing three scoops of milk powder in feeding bottle and filling it to four ounces with the previously prepared rice milk.

preparing  rice milk

boiling rice powder with water

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