Puto de Ube and Pastillas de Ube Recipe (Purple Yam)


4 cups ground boiled ubi
3 cups sugar
1 big can evaporated milk

1. Mix the ingredients together and cook in a copper vat (tacho) over a moderate fire;
2. Stir constantly to avoid burning;
3. When the ubi thickens and doesn’t stick to the vat, remove from the fire and pour on a sugared board;
4. Roll the pastillas to one-and-a-half centimeters thick and then cut into desired pieces;
5. Arrange the pieces on a cooked sheet and place in the oven at 200°F for 20 minutes.


2 cups rice
11/2 cups water
1 cup sugar
2 cups mashed ubi
1/4 cup rich coconut milk
4 tbsp. baking powder

1. Washed cleaned rice and soak in water overnight.
2. Grind the rice finely using a native stone grinder, a corn meal grinder, or a meat grinder.
3. Boil the ubi in enough water until cooked and soft.
4. Peel the ubi and mash finely.
5. Add xsugar and mash the ubi with ground rice, blend well and pass through a stainer to remove lumps.
6. Add coconut milk and baking powder. Mix thoroughly.
7. Pour the mixture into puto olds or spoon it into individual molds, filling each two-thirds full.
8. Set the molds in a steamer over boiling water. Cover the steamer.
9. Puto is cooked when a toothpick comes out clen and dry when inserted in the center of the molds.
Remove from the molds and serve with grated coconut.

Referrences: UBI Culture, VISCA, Baybay Leyte and Benguet state University, Library

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