How to Cook Kurakding, Pituklip and Patis Balaw

I am looking forward to try these three rare recipes featured by Jessica Soho. The recipes are endangered, only few individual know how to cook them.

All recipes have no exact measurements. Please bear with me!

Kurakding Cooked in Coconut Milk with Hot Pepperkurakding mushrooms

1) Wash kurakding mushrooms to remove dirts and other foreign materials.
2) Add kurakding mushrooms, ground meat, bagoong na alamang, onion garlic, tanglad (lemon grass) and hot chili in coconut milk.
3) Boil for ten minutes or until cooked.

Kurakding cooked in Coconut milk is a rare delicacy from Albay. Its name was coined from the term kurot – to prick with fingers. Kurakding grows on dead tree trunks. They are small and scattered. Harvested by picking with fingers.

Patis Bagoong or Balaw

Patis bagoong or Balaw, a rare condiment from Sorgon, Sorsogon. Residents are using this condiment as pili sauce. Only few persons know how to make the rare patis condiment.

Bagoong are small or minute shrimps.

1) Extract bagoong shrimp.
2) Heat extracted shrimp juice to boiling.
3) Mix concentrated coconut milk or kakang gata and fresh leaves of calamansi. According to patis maker, calamansi leaves give unique taste to their patis.

How to Make Pituklip

Pituklip is a delicacy made form glutenous rice, latik (curded and fried coconut milk solids), white sugar and food coloring.

1) Setup a double boiler. The size of the upper vessel should be small enough to fit the size of banana leaves. Banana leaves will serve as the container for cooking pituklip.
2) Place a mixture of water, ground glutenous rice, sugar and food coloring (preferably violet color).
3) Bring the water to boil until the mixture is firm. Cover the steamer while the process is going on.
4) Take out the cooked pituklip, cool and top with latik.
5) Wrap with banana leaves.

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