Rare Ripe Papaya in Sweet and Sour Vinegar (Snack)

Rare ripe papaya is crunchy and slightly sweet. It can be eaten plain or with sweet and sour vinegar, with mayonnaise, with ketchup or any condiment of choice. It is a good replacement for growing numbers of junk foods.

rare ripe papaya

1) Choose a rare ripe papaya, soft fruits are not suitable for this purpose. Wash and peel.

rare ripe papaya

2) Cut papaya into halves and quarters. Scrape off the seeds and the white spongy mass. Slice to desired sizes.

rare ripe papaya in bite size slices

3) Prepare the sweet and sour vinegar.  Add chili and sugar to vinegar to attain the desired flavor mixed.

sweet and sour vinegar

4) Add the sliced papaya to prepared sweet and sour vinegar. Allow the mixture to penetrate the fruit for few minutes.

bite size slices papaya in vinegar sauce

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