How to Make Mangosteen Preserve

Like mango and pineapple, mangosteen can be made into fruit preserve.

200 pieces mangosteen
1 kilo sugar


1. Remove the pericarp. Apply pressure with the thumb to remove the seeds.
2. Add 1 kilo white sugar to the fruits.
3. Boil for 35 to 50 minutes with constant stirring until the concoction turns light brown.
Packed in sterilized bottles.

mangosteen technology was provided by Department of Agriculture

See procedures for jam, marmalade and jelly making. You may apply those procedures to mangosteen.

Measure the following physico-chemical properties and and adjust accordingly to your set standard. Adjustments can be computed using Pearson’s Square formula.

a. sugar content. Sugar concentration can be increased by adding sugar or can be lowered by adding water or pulp.
b. pH. This can be lowered by adding citric acid or can be increased by adding water.
c. titrable acidity. Same as in (a), just replace sugar with citric acid. Be cautious because citric acid affects both pH and titrable acidity.

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