How To Make Sweetened / Salted Jackruit Seed

Jackfruit seeds are very slippery. It often slip from my hand. Need to pick it up twice or thrice before I can shoot to my basket. Every time we get ripe jackfruit, we have two choices what to do next. Either we sell or just eat it. We sell good fruits and eat fruits with damaged. We gather banana leaves. Place langka on it. Cut to halves. Remove the damaged part. Get rid of the woody central part.  Wipe off latex with newspaper. Then start collecting the yummy flesh (lamukot) one by one. The seeds are also collected.

Warning: Cooking oil is needed to grease hands and bolo. Fruit latex is hard to removed if grease is not applied before operation.

Jackfruit seeds are edible but many folks are ignoring them. They never bother collecting and cooking the seeds. We are cooking it. Boiling for more than half hour or until tender. Pinch of salt is added to taste. Seeds are good for snacks. However, there is one thing I never like. The seed has outer covering which is slippery and hard to removed. This can be solved by the following steps:

1) Collect jackfruit seeds.
2) Wash thoroughly to removed dirt and foreign matter.
3) Rinse well and set aside in a strainer until seeds surface are dry.
4) Make a slice on every seed. These will facilitate easy coat removal after cooking.
5) Add enough water to soak the seeds.
6) Mix salt or sugar depending on your preference.
7) Boil for 45 minutes or until tender.
8) Remove from heat and strain. Allow seed surface to dry.

jackfruit seed

Update as of February 2019

I got hold of 1/4 jackfruit fruit. We collected the lamukot for immediate eating. The rest were used for making Graham Cake. I asked to saved all the seeds for boiling later.

I specifically instructed to add sugar. There was none in the kitchen so I was expecting jackfruit seeds with a kick of salt. In the end, only water was added. The result was bland tasting seeds. Although it was moist, it still felt dry on tongue. No one liked it except me.

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