How to Make Crispy Chicken Nails, Tapuy, Lepeg and Tuslob Bua

I am planning to try the following rare recipes. Watching the television show Jessica Soho really give me more ideas to try.

The recipes have no exact measurements. Do some experiment to get the taste that suit your selective senses.

Crispy Chicken Nails

1) Wash chicken feet thoroughly to remove all dirts. Feet are the dirtiest part of chicken, thorough washing is needed.
2) Drop chicken feet in boiling water for few minutes to loosen the skin. Cool.
3) Remove the skins and nail coverings.
4) Cut the finger tips and set aside. Use chicken feet for adobo, inihaw or other purposes.
5) Boil the cut chicken nail until tender. Pressure cooking hasten cooking time of hard nails.pinoy rare recipes6) Cover the cooked chicken nails with flavored breading mix and deep fry.

Tapuy and Lepeg

1) Boil balatinaw (a variety of red rice) in a large wok until cooked.
2) Cool and arrange in a wooven bamboo tray, bilao.
3) Sprinkle with lebadura or yeast. Cover with fresh banana leaves and store for three days or until mold growth is observed.
4) Transfer it to earthen jar. Cover. Store for 20 days.
5) Harvest the liquid as tapuy and the fermented rice as lepeg.

Tuslob Bua – invented by Irene Abay

1) Saute pig brain and chopped liver with onions and garlic.
2) Add enough water and bring to boil until the brains are mashed.
3) Add other flavorings. The recipe is done when the liver is cooked.

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