Make Bite-Size Banana Heart Pork Ulam Patties

This is my third and last installment of Banana Heart and Pork mix.

I still have left-over mixture of banana blossoms and ground pork. I cannot turn it to siomai because I have no molo/siomai wrapper left. I cannot turn it to lumpia either, I used up all my lumpia wrapper. The only thing left in my mind is to fry it to bite-size banana heart pork patties.

1) Scoop on teaspoon of mixture. See How to make banana heart pork siomai for mix preparation.
2) Fry using low heat in a shallow cooking oil. Turn sides occasionally until both sides are golden brown. Or, deep fry until golden brown.
3) Repeat until all mixture are used up. Do not make a large lump, this will result in uncooked middle part.
4) Serve with favorite sauce of choice.

frying banana heart patties

bite size patties

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