Balinghoy / Cassava Products

Cassava is also known as balinghoy and kamoteng kahoy. Like rice, cassava is a good energy source. Perhaps you are snacking on cassava products but cannot take it as a complete rice replacement. I suggest trying once in a while and see if it would make a difference. How to roast balinghoy – whole roasted

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boiled banana is great for snack

How to Cook Saba Banana

Our topic is the popular plantain called Saba, Musa spp. All varieties which fall under its umbrella are all plantains. Plantains and Bananas are both bananas but they are not the same. I am not going to discuss mind breaking scientific terms here because it also make my head hurt.

the yellow and santol fruit

How to Preserve Santol Fruit

Worrying what to do with tons of santol fruits you have? The market value is terribly low that you’re not willing to exert effort, harvesting and selling them. Perhaps you’re planning to cut trees and replace them with in-demand crops. Before you do, take a quick read and think again. You may find something that would change your mind.

How to Use Sugar Refractometer : Quick and Dirty Guide

My first encounter with refractometer was a bit embarrassing. I was not alone though. All of my classmates felt the same because we thought of the same thing. And, that awkward moment turned into laughter. We all arrived to conclusion that the small contraption was a monocular. Who wouldn’t? It was a handheld device with adjustable eyepiece. Except, the lens which supposed to magnify distant images was odd. It was flat and slanted, forming a prism. It had a flap protecting the prism from dirt and scratches and perhaps breakage too due to accidental fall.