Is it Okey to Reuse Jar Caps?

Do you know why bottle packaging is very popular?
Glass package provides an excellent protection against food spoilage. The glass itself is inert, it will not react to any chemicals and very heat resistant. It also prevent the entrance of oxygen provided with a good cap. Oxygen is needed by most bacteria and other spoilage organisms.
Glass bottle can be reused a million times as long as it is in good condition. No cracks and free from indelible materials. Just wash and sterilize it thoroughly and the bottle is ready for its next duty.
The common mistake for most of us is we reuse the glass jar cap. Cap can be reused but it’s not recommended. A good cap is made of well painted metal with a good rubber-like laminate on the inside. Laminate’s function is to seal the jar completely or to make it airtight. When you open a glass jar, you will notice a round narrow marking caused by the glass lid. This marking makes the cap less effective in providing the whole package an airtight environment.  Plus the rubber-like laminate is not as inert as the glass jar, it might contain some damage due to capping pressure.  It might also absorb the flavor and aroma of its previous content.
bottle and cap
Do you agree ?

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One Reply to “Is it Okey to Reuse Jar Caps?”

  1. I fully agree. The purpose of using a metal lug cap is not just to cover the glass jar but to protect the food inside the glass containers. Since glass is non-permeable, it can provide hermetic sealing of the package and protects the food against oxygen invasion with the use of metal cap.
    With the aid of appropriate process condition and a good metal cap, the food packed in glass container can have improved taste, optimum consistency, preservation of natural vitamins and longer shelf life.
    If the cap is already used, the compound or liner has already been ‘worn out’ and the lugs (“ears” of the metal cap) are already stretched out. Hence, it defeats the purpose.

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