Molo Wrapper

We can made it at home but we are too busy to do it. Maybe too lazy instead. We are choosing to buy the whole ready to cook siomai than making a healthier meaty alternative.

What makes those siomai good is the sauce. They are making inferior product with a tasty dip. They have very less meat. If there is, it probably come from low quality parts and trimmings. Why would anyone grind a expensive piece of steak to produce reformed products for sale. You’ll less likely doing it even if it is for your own dining table. I am trying to find meaty taste every time I eat it.

The popular binder and filler are cornstarch and flour. Sometimes flour alternative such as cassava and sweet potato. Textured vegetable protein is a common filler from recipe books. There might be others that I never know yet. Plantain banana could be a good candidate. Science is always changing for the cause of price reduction, efficiency and long shelf life. Change for health sake means back to basic.

Molo wrapper is one very good example of edible and biodegradable food packaging. The same as lumpia wrapper. However, because of these properties. Inserting it in plastic bag is still necessary. It will rot in no time if you don’t. So the wrapper is there just to give it a sense of uniqueness and style. It’s just a meat ball without the wrapper.

molo wrapper

Plastic packaging can be biodegradable too for environmental sake. However, it also need to be durable enough to withstand degradation before reaching the end consumers. You gonna see rotting foods in shelves if that is not the case. Biodegradable plastic research is taking very long and huge expense because industries are trying to balance environmental impact and food protection. It includes consumer safety as well. It must be safe to eat before reaching their hands.

I stored molo wrapper in refrigerator before but it gone dry and brittle. About after a week I think. Going back to cooling mechanic. The machine suck out the moisture while doing its job. The previously friable and soft molo became dry and brittle. It can be remedied by spraying a little water. Too bad, 90 % were broken already. I dumped them for good. I made meat balls instead.

It is recommended to buy only what you need… It is moist and is likely to get spoiled before you need it.

I want to make my own siomai again, after very long years, but I am too lazy to make and learn how to make my own wrapper at the moment. I asked my wife to buy a pack for me. She and my kids used part of it for their own. It should be for school pack lunch but ended up as after dinner meryenda. No joke, they are taking meryenda about 15 minutes to an hour after dinner.

Let us see if I can still use the wrapper after few days.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.