Which is Better Food Package, Glass Jar of Tin Cans ?

Glass jar is still the common packaging for jam and jellies. It is also the first choice of package for starting food  entrepreneur.
The sardine on the right was packed in a glass jar. But sooner of later, its manufacturer is going to switch to metal package.

Glass package provides an excellent protection against food spoilage. The glass itself is inert, it will not react to any chemicals and very heat resistant. It also prevent the entrance of oxygen provided with a good cap. Oxygen is needed by most bacteria and other spoilage organisms.
Glass bottle can be reused a million times as long as it is in good condition. No cracks and free from indelible materials. Just wash and sterilize it thoroughly and the bottle is ready for its next duty.

But glass are prone to breakage. One drop mistake and your product is gone for good. And, cost per piece and handling costs are high.
Tin can match the inertness of the glass package provided that it has a good lacquer coating that matches its product content. Excellent in keeping oxygen-free environment and resistance against drops and other external forces. Cost per piece and handling costs are relatively low as compare to glass jar.
But, metal packages cannot be reused and it is prone to rusting.
There are other choices of packaging that you can choose like laminated foils. But acquisition cost for beginners is too high.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

2 Replies to “Which is Better Food Package, Glass Jar of Tin Cans ?”

  1. Glass is non-permeable, it can provide hermetic sealing of the package; hence, protects the food against oxygen invasion.
    It can withstand a wide range of process condition, from cold fill to retort processes.
    With the aid of appropriate process condition and a good metal closure, glass container can hold a high amount of vacuum that serves as a natural preservative, providing improved taste of the product, optimum consistency, preservation of natural vitamins and longer product shelf life.
    It is ideal for small-scale or high speed processing.
    It is transparent; it can showcase the product and entice the consumers.
    It is 100% recyclable, the most environmentally friendly type of packaging.

  2. From experience I can truly say that I prefer glass jars extremely more above tin cans, due to the 100% preservation of food taste and food quality, thus contributing to longevity, good health and the quality of life.

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