How to Make Dried Native Chicken Shreds, Mara

I really enjoy eating this as snack though its main use is as flavoring for soup and other dishes. Processing native chicken into mara (means dried) is handy way to store its delectable meat.

This simple technology was developed by Ms. Fe N. Dimero.

A very simple technology for preserving carabeef and chevon was tried on native chickens. It involved several steps: 1) selecting 1- to 2- year old native chickens; 2) dressing the chickens; 3) deboning and slicing of lean meat to 1-inch slices; 4) mixing of spices and other ingredients with meat slices; 5) curing for 24 hrs in the refrigerator; 6) pressure cooking for 25 min at 121 C (15 psi); 6) shredding the meat with fork; 7) roasting in a carajay over low flame at 155 C for 35 min, and 8) packaging in polypropylene bags at 10-, 20- and 50-gram packs.


roasting shredded meat

mara, dried native chicken shreds

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