How to Make Natural Guava Puree (Bayabas)

Materials and Equipment
Aluminium pot with lid. Stainless steel pot
– Pulper.
– Sieve (0.05 cm mesh).
– Kitchen utensils: wooden spoon, knives, wooden chopping block, an assortment of plastic containers, kitchen cloths.
– Glass jars with screw-band lids.
– Source of heat.


– Wash the guavas and drain.
– Cut in quarters and blanch, if necessary.
– Extract the pulp.
– Sieve the pulp so that it acquires a uniform consistency (optional).
– Pasteurize at 90°C for 60 seconds and pack.
– Label and store.


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3 Replies to “How to Make Natural Guava Puree (Bayabas)”

  1. i like the articles written in your website. thank you for sharing them.

    however in this article on guava which i like as juice/concentrate, etc , i notice that you are using aluminum pot/lid.. i think in most cooking it is now advice not to use aluminum cooking utensils specially if what you are going to cook is somewhat acidic or has acid on it…guava can still be somewhat acidic in nature…


    1. Thanks very much for the reminder! I always find time looking back to previous articles, correcting spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, technical issues and adding updates. People like you are of big help!

      I am also planning to revise this article in the near future.

  2. well it shows how responsible you are to what you are posting…more power and good luck…

    i enjoy most of the articles, though i believe some needs updating…in terms of processing or technology use,
    but your presentation can be a baseline/guide for many…

    really thanks for sharing and enjoyed reading and downloading them.

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