Making The Dragon Fruit Available Whole Year Round

Dragon fruit is a foreign commodity. It is a fruit from cactus that is rapidly gaining popularity in our country. It is not the best fruit in term of taste but it is so popular due to its unique look and claimed health benefits.

I am seeing dragon fruit on street sidewalks by the month of April to May. Then the season started to end nearing month of October. Thus, the dragon fruit season is almost six months.

Perhaps you know many facts about dragon fruit farming especially if you met the expert farmer here in Cavite, Eddie Silan.

Dragon fruit is cactus and we know very well that cactus loves sunlight. Weeks of continuous sunny days will encourage flowering and weeks of continuous rain will encourage shoots production. Additionally, the plant will only bear fruits when the daytime is longer than nighttime.

Is the above paragraph true? Yes! Take it from the expert and experience.

My uncle has a dragon fruit plant in his backyard. The plant rarely bear fruit. Why? The cactus is planted under the tree and rarely gets sunlight.

From the story of Eddie Silan. Dela Salle University, Dasmariñas conducted a study on dragon fruit. The researchers intentionally focused several streetlights on dragon fruits. By doing this, plants thinks that it is always daytime. The result: their dragon fruits are bearing fruits almost whole year round.

Another factor of control is the rain. Other countries are rearing dragon fruit in greenhouses.

dragon fruit farm

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