Can Salt Make Tiesa Ripe Faster?

Brother brought home two tiesa fruit for me. I wished he brought home more so I can do a better experiment.

The two fruits are not ripe ripe yet and I need to wait until it ripen. I can wait until it ripen normally or I can do other thing to hasten it. The common practice in our place is engrave the flesh – the part to which the stalk attached. Then pour some salt on it. They say it will ripe considerably faster but they never said how fast.

two tiesa fruit

My simple experiment:

I got the tiesa and removed the stalk by engraving the flesh around it. I placed some salt on it. Stored the fruit on upward position to prevent salt spilling. I stored the other fruit unmodified.

two tiesa fruit

After 24 hours: Both fruit were still hard. The salt on fruit turned to liquid. I discarded the water and replaced it with new salt.

After 48 hours: Sorry! The same as 24 hours data. Both were hard. I put new salt on fruit.

After 72 hours: Both tiesa fruit were ripe. Salt never turned to liquid. The one with salt was softer and with slight wrinkles. This might be due to absorption of water by salt. The control fruit was firmer and with no wrinkles. I opened both fruit. There were no differences in terms of texture, appearanceĀ  and taste.

The effect of salt on tiesa ripening might not be significant. It is just a waste of time and salt. Besides, fruits with wrinkles are not good looking. You will have a hard time selling those.

tiesa fruit ripe and open


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