Mango Ripen On Trees (Bugnoy) Are Sweeter and More Delicious?

Can you still remember the last time you saw a ripe mango that is similar to image below.The mango color are mixture of green, yellow and red. Red around the stalk, then yellow and green toward the tip. In our province it is called bugnoy na sapadera.

Pico variety also have bugnoy. The carabao mango or the Manila Super Manga’s bugnoy is a little different – the red coloration is not present. Correct me if I am wrong about carabao mango. The indian mango barely turn yellow when ripe.

mango bugnoy fruit

Father told me that red color is caused by sun’s ray. He has basis for his statement cause I observed that ripe mangoes under shade never turned red.

Mangoes are usually induced to bear fruits. That was my father’s work when I was still young. I always go with him from flower induction, to pest extermination and to the best part – harvesting.

Mangoes are harvested when fruits are matured and some of it begin to ripen. The fruits that ripen while still attached to tree are called bugnoy. The fruit taste is really awesome, it is sweeter and yummier. You should really try it for yourself.

Bugnoy mangoes command a higher price. More than double the price of green mangoes and calcium carbide ripen mangoes. Despite of its expensive price, it is very salable – selling like hot cakes.

Mangoes naturally ripen on trees are superior in terms of organoleptic properties. In addition, their are firmer. What could be the reasons? I have only two reasons in mind. Feel free to add more!

1) The substance responsible for fruit ripening is ethylene. It is a hormone naturally produce by plants. On the other hand, acetylene from calcium carbide is artificial. It also promote ripening but the result might not be as good as original.

2) A ripening fruit while still attached to tree continue to receive water and essential nutrients. It will stop at the time of picking. Ripening by use of calcium carbide entails a lot of heat and causes some water to evaporate and have a less firm texture. Hmm.. fruit ripen on tree might have more nutrients.

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