Storing Ripe Bananas In Sealed Plastic Bag Causes Rapid Rotting

Banana is one of our toddler’s favorite. That is why it is a must every market day. He can eat two regular size bananas in minutes. We are not giving him more than two because he is only one year old.

The ripe bananas below are still edible but we are not giving it to him. This is overripe and starting to spoil. Notice the numerous dark spots on skin. I ate one and it is still fine but his stomach might not be strong enough to resist the possible dangers. I just give it to soil as organic fertilizer.

overripe rotten banana

The bananas were perfectly fine last Saturday morning. She bought it from public market and both of us forgot to take it out from plastic bag. Bought Saturday morning and nearly spoiled by Sunday evening. What could be the problem? A very short storage life of two days!

Banana is a climacteric fruit. Its physiological functions continuous after detachment from mother plant. It produces the substance called ethylene – an agent for ripening. It means the more ethylene produce the faster the ripening will be.

The problem was the sando bag. We kept the banana sealed inside sando bag for too long. The plastic is barely permeable to gases. All the ethylene produced by bananas were trapped and concentrated inside. Too much ethylene caused the rapid over-ripening. Plus the moisture trapped encouraged microbial growth.

A reminder when buying fruits. Prefer an paper packaging for your commodities. Or take it out of plastic immediately after going home. Provide an opening on your package fruits during travel to let air circulate. Do the same for vegetables.

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