How to Make Gelatin(Gulaman) Bars from Seaweeds

This technology about processing of gelatin bars from eucheuma seaweeds was provided by Philippine Department of Agriculture, DA.
1. Select freshly harvested seaweeds gathered early in the morning or during low tide.
2. Wash the seaweeds with freshwater and drain thoroughly.
3. Spread the seaweeds into thin layers over wooden trays or in any clean container and dry
under the sun for one week.
4. Resoak seaweeds in freshwater for 5-10 minutes. Dry again under the sun until the
seaweeds turns dirty yellow.
5. Once the seaweeds are dried, bleach them with weak acids like vinegar until the color turns
olive green.
6. Drain the bleached seaweeds and sun-dry until sufficiently dried (light brown in color)
7. To the dried seaweeds, add 3-5 liters of water and a diluted solution of vinegar until slightly
acidic to taste. Allow this to boil for 30 minutes to one hour while constantly stirring the
solution. Boiling can be repeated until the solidification of the extracted agar is difficult to
8. After boiling, strain the seaweeds using ordinary cheesecloth. Separate the liquid portion
from the plant residue.
9. After extraction, allow the filtered extract to cool and solidify. Once it is hard enough, cut into
strips or to any desired form.
10. Pack the gulaman strips or bars into an ice box with dry ice or wrap them in cheesecloth with
ice and salt, keep the bars intact for 2-3 days.
11. Thaw the gulaman bars by placing them on bamboo mattings or wire screen and allow them
to dry at room temperature.
12. Finally, allow the extracted thawed agar to dry under the sun until the desired texture is
13. Cool the gulaman bars before packing and storing.

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