Best Solution To Prevent Fish and Egg From Sticking To Frying Pan

Among the easiest foods to cook are rice, boiled camote and fried fish and egg.
For rice – measure equal amounts of water and rice. Place it over a medium heat and wait until rice is plumbed and absorbed all the water. Rice to water ratio may vary depending on variety.
The nilagang kamote. Who never know how to make boiled camote? Place it in pot with enough water. Place over the stove and set the fire. Doneness is tested by pricking it with a pork.
The next is fried fish or egg. Sounds really easy! Mom always asked me to fry some fish and eggs. The fish always stick to frying pan every time I did. We often ended eating broken fish. The same thing happen with eggs. The shape should be flat circle but its always like an scrambled eggs. Eggs stick to pan and it breaks to multiple pieces when turned.
Okay! The best solution for this is using a non-stick pan. This is lined with a teflon polymer which prevents the food from sticking. Eggs can be fried on it without the use of oil.
aluminum non stick pan
What if a non-stick pan is not available? We need to use our old ugly pan.
We need to understand why some food stick to metal. Fish and egg are high in protein.  Protein sticks to metals when heated slowly.  Meat also sticks to metal but not as disastrous as fish and eggs.
Follow the several steps:
1) Be sure the oil temperature is high enough before placing the fish.
2) Never fry a frozen or cold food. Allow the temperature to normalized before commencing.
3) Do not fry a large or too many fish in a limited amount oil. Its a common household practice, frying a large milkfish in 1/4 cup of oil.
4) Take out some water from fish. Can be done by scrubbing with salt, let stand for a while and dry with clean towel.
5) Oil temperature will lower suddenly when fish is placed. Be sure the heat is enough to raise the temperature again quickly.
6) Breading the fish with flour will help. It will create a barrier between fish and metal pan.

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