How to Add Flavors to Brewed Coffee

I rarely see a roasted coffee beans or ground coffee with flavor. I saw one at coffee store in Silang, Cavite. The other was in Cavite State University, a student conducted a thesis study about Herb Flavored Coffee in Filter Bags.
Maybe people never like a flavored coffee or only few know how to do it. There are three ways to add flavors to your favorite coffee:
1) The easiest is to add it directly to hot coffee cup, like adding milk to coffee. Different coffee flavors can be added this way.
2) Mixing natural herbs and spices to ground coffee. Herbs like basil, sesame, thyme and tarragon can be dried, ground and mix with ground coffee. Desired flavor will be extracted at the time of brewing.
3) The last way I know is to spray a concentrated liquid flavor to batch of freshly roasted coffee. Spraying is done while coffee is still warm. Flavor should be applied in caution, over spraying can render the product wet and unpleasant. Coffee is then ground and packed.
coffee laid on juite sack
Reminder: Too much coffee is not good to your health!

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