Possible Uses of Ripe Coffee Pulp

Please read the updated article, Coffee Pulp Wine and Other Beverages!

Do you know the reason why civet cats love eating ripe coffee berries? The answer is simple, the pulp is sweet. I usually eat red ripe coffees during harvest season. I only eat the pulp and expel out the seeds. Unlike civet cats, I am spitting them out right after sucking the pulp off. The animal on the other hand is letting it pass through its internals.

According to coffee farmers, manufacturer and traders, coffee is the second most traded commodity next to oil. We are talking not just in Philippines but in the whole world. Coffee pulp is always neglected because:


1) We are always after the bean. All of us are thinking that coffee should be brown to dark roasted, a bitter beverage.

2) Coffee pulp is not eaten by tradition.

3) Most farmers harvest coffee green and ripe. Sorting them and removing the pulp would be a hard work.

4) Coffees are dried with the pulp/hulls intact. Removing the pulp will shorten the drying time. This is the case for wet-processed Arabica beans. Making it more sanitary may allow development of more by-products.

If someone can develop a technology for easy coffee pulp removal, it can be easily process to various food commodities like jam, juice, concentrate, jelly, and flavorings.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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    1. I can’t read the description. Can you translate it for me?

      Yeah, I wanted to know how much it cost and how it works!

      1. That page is a area guide provided by a third party maybe. The maker’s name is ヤビク農機具製作所 Yabiku Agricultural Machine Factory:

        Producing & Selling Original Agricultural Machines

        It’s been 45 years since started business. Our company is adhering the characteristics of Okinawa region to produce such sugarcane press machines as all the related machines to sugar manufacturing from designing and manufacturing until selling in a complete maker style. By scale-downing the huge sugar manufacturing facilities for big factories and with modifying for general use, we are offering them for cheap prices.
        For example, we sell a juice maker of sugercane for exhibitions, syrup maker, and black sugar maker. Among the out-of-ordinary machines produced and on sale are a coffee skin removal machine, potato-kinds washing machine, gas burner for waste oil masses, etc., all originals and very unique.

        サトウキビを絞ります(1t 12000円)
        We press sugarcanes for you. (1t Php6,000)

        Automatic coffee skin removal machine

        “Syrup” made by a sugarcane-sugarmaker manufacturer

        We are also making and selling “Syrup” that is alkaline working well on human bodies. Without any food additives tastes natural being sweet and delicious.
        The “Syrup” has been highly appreciated for a long time here in this Okinawa Prefecture where is famous for long life people. Also, recent studies announced that hemicellulose included in sugarcane has effect on preventing suffering from cancer.
        ※Use/ as it is or melting it into a hot water to drink please.
        Moreover, you can add it to not only a coffee, tea, bread, but also cooking, and pickles and so on.
        Price/ 500mg pack Php400

        I will enquire the price and how it works later. Wait for a while, and then let you know.

  1. I tried to contact the Yabiku Agricultural Machine Factory on web, but they never showed any email addresses providing only a land line number. So I contacted Ms Okada, who requested me to send the Cavite Coffee as you know, because she lives in Okinawa also and is a specialist producing Okinawa Coffee.

    She said even she didn’t know the maker’s creating such a machine. She was also so curious about the machine that she would visit the factory directly and examine it. After that she would email me the price and how it works etc, she promised. So please wait until then.

    By the way, surprisingly, it appeared that she already made a test of ripe coffee pulp jam in 2007! See her blog at http://okinawa-coffee.seesaa.net/category/4358488-1.html She has tried several ways very closely and concluded that coffee pulp only jam (with adding citrus as acid) is not so great taste.

    She testified “風味はなく、味は何かの果汁のようなデリケートな感じですが、単体より、ヨーグルトにソースとしてかけると、とても美味しく感じました。” -There is no flavour and the taste itself feels delicate as if it is a fruit juice. I appreciated it so much rather when pouring on yoghurt than when using it as a jam. She described as “単体では、何かの果汁を煮詰めた味” means the jam itself tastes merely some boiled down fruit juice.

    In order for a coffee jam to become a consumer product should need to modify more than the original… Maybe mixing with another fruit, can become a tropic jam? Anyway, when getting the info about the machine I will let you know.

  2. Hi Ted & Marvin,

    I have read your conversation after searching Google for “coffee pulp” since I was wondering whether one could use the coffee pulp to produce some kind of juice or a liquor or something else.
    My sister was in Colombia for one year and she told me about the pulp being thrown away although it obviously tastes very sweet – what a waste!

    Do you know anything new about this machine yet? I am pretty sure that one could sell such a coffee pulp juice/liquor at a pretty high price here in Europe (as a new “trendy” beverage).
    Maybe there would be a way to cooperate and make a business out of this opportunity?
    If you’re interested, let me know 😉


  3. I haven’t received any updated information about the machine from Ms Okada. I myself is merely a coffee shop owner and not involved in producing coffee itself, so I can’t go any further about the plan. I think it may be the best for coffee producers to try create new products by utilising the surplus. If they found a great results such as juice, soap, and what not, I would help assist to contact to the machine maker.

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