Buying Banana Turon in Convenience Store – Filipino Banana Spring Roll

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I go to the grocery to get weekly supplies. And, every time I get near the cashier, I’m ordering my favorite, turon – Filipino banana spring rolls.

The turon is twice bigger than the street version, has a nice flavor, and has a competitive price. It looks clean. It’s inside a neat glass cabinet within the clean store.

Last week. No one, other than me, was waiting in line. I had a chat with the cashier, who happened to be an all-around staff.

I asked her about the delivery arrangement of the product. Is it early in the morning, or late at night?

Perishable goods such as banana turon need chilled storage and timely delivery

Perhaps, most of us know that goods in franchised stores often come from a central source, with a few exceptions.

Commissaries can deliver shelf-stable foods any time of the day, without the need for cold storage. On the other hand, perishables require a decent cold storage system. And if possible, deliver at night. Chiller truck plus night delivery greatly reduces spoilage risk.

The cold temperature keeps the food fresh and reduces customers’ risks of getting ill

Time is of the essence. Chilled foods are not totally resistant to spoilage. Cold temperature only slows down microbial growth. So, delivery timing matters.

When I was a part-time Food Trainer. I was too busy to get a full breakfast, often dropping by a grocery to get a chilled sandwich, cheese dog, or siopao.

Imagine how many times I could’ve gotten ill if they hadn’t done the right job, keeping the food fresh before it touched my tummy.

Immediate delivery of perishables is great for consumer safety

I once asked a crew member where and when they were getting the chilled foods. He replied, “From commissary, schedule for delivery every day early in the morning.” Oh! That was a relief.

Our conversation was cut off short, so I just assumed the unsold items were for return the next day, too bad if it weren’t.

Preparing the food the night before delivery is a great thing. The maker is shortening the period between preparation time and consumption.  The shorter, the better. Less room for bacterial growth that may cause food poisoning.

For processors that are capable of high-speed production. Immediate delivery to consumers would be best.

The staff cooks turon – banana spring roll – inside the store

Going back to our mouth-watering turon. The crew replied, “We are making the turon, inside the store. Saba banana comes fresh and ripe. We do the peeling, wrapping, and frying.”

I’ve never seen any preparation area. It must be hidden. Inside the stockroom, maybe. It doesn’t matter because I frequently get them hot. Like what I expect when I buy on the street instead.

I forgot to ask about jackfruit. Perhaps, it also comes fresh. Getting the edible flesh, called bulb, from large and thorny fruit can be messy. So it’s alright if it’s done somewhere else and brought to store frozen or chilled.

At home, each turon was divided into two, for the four of us. One seemed too big for me, unless I did some exhaustive physical work.

How can you assure your safety when buying cooked foods such as banana spring rolls?

How can you assure your safety? The food often give signs. The smell, and appearance. Don’t buy the food if you’re suspicious.

If the smell isn’t right, then don’t ever try eating. Food starting to spoil might have a faint foul smell. So you have to sniff it.

Inspect the food appearance. Plain yogurt shouldn’t have any black spots. Don’t buy a thawed ice cream.

Likewise, molds growing on food is a strong sign. Scraping off the mold and eating the rest is a bad move. Don’t take chances.

Choose a clean place with clean workers. What can you say about a chef smoking a cigar while cooking? A waiter picking his nose while serving foods?

If the place is untidy with crawling cockroaches and rats, then how can the workers make clean foods.

Having a sanitation permit is a plus. But, don’t be complacent. Always be vigilant.

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