How to Make Tamarind, Candy, Jam and Balls

These technologies provided by DOST Region 10 include tamarind jam, candy and balls.

Tamarind Jam

Tamarind pulp 226 g (1 cup)
Sugar 226 g (1 cup)
Water 711 ml (3 cups)

Proceed as general directions.

Candied Tamarind

Ripe tamarind 100 pc

1. Peel whole ripe tamarind.
2. Arrange well in a deep enamel basin.
3. Prepare syrup by using one part and one part water.
4. Pour syrup while hot to cover tamarind.
5. Allow tamarind to soak in one day.
6. Drain off syrup and cover with freshly prepared syrup made of two parts sugar and one part water.
7. Soak for two to three days.
8. Continuously change the syrup until the tamarind becomes sweet enough.
9. Carefully arrange sweetened tamarind in racks and dry. 10. Cover screen wire to keep off insects.
11. Finish the drying in an oven or solar drier at low temperature.
12. Wrap individually.

ripe tamarind

Tamarind Balls

Tamarind 226 g (1 cup)
Sugar 452 g (2 cups)
Sweet potato
(boiled and washed) 452 g (2 cups)
Salt 28 g (1/8 cup)
water 474 ml (2 cups)

1. Mix the above ingredients and cook mixture over moderate fire with constant stirring until the mixture becomes very thick and can be shaped into balls.
2. Transfer to sugared board.
3. Form into balls and roll into sugar.
4. Wrap in cellophane.

tamarind candy small

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2 Replies to “How to Make Tamarind, Candy, Jam and Balls”

  1. we did try the procedure of making tamarind balls for possible livelihood here in our place. however, we noticed that after 2 days the sugar in the container and the tamarind balls moist. what should we do to avoid the moisture and have it last. thank you

    1. possible reasons:

      1) too much moisture / not enough cooking or not enough drying time. the powdered sugar in which the balls are rolled will attract the moisture out making the surface wet looking. Try different drying/ cooking time in small batches and observe the results.

      2) Did you use confectioner sugar / kaong sugar / mascobado. try perfecting the procedure first with white refined sugar.

      3) Did you use CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose). Get rid of it. It aborbs moisture from air.

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