How to Make Dried Jackfruit

Just like papaya and mango, jackfruit can be dried successfully to a sweet fruit snack. Choose a firm ripe jackfruit flesh for optimum quality.


  • Gather firm ripe jackfruit flesh. Slice it into halves.
  • Add white sugar (30% by weight) to jackfruit flesh. The sugar is allowed to melt in jackfruit. Another method of syruping is by quick process in which the slices are boiled in 25% syrup until slightly transparent.
  • Add 0.1% of sodium erythorbate (1 g for every kilogram of slices). Mix thoroughly.
  • Let stand for at least 18-20 hours. Drain. Rinse slices with running water.
  • Lay slices on trays lined with cheesecloth. Dry in a cabinet drier at 60-65ºC for 10-14 hours. Drying may be done in a solar drier as long as drying area is clean and free from dust and flies.
  • Remove from trays and loosely pack dried jackfruit in ordinary plastic bags and store at ambient condition for 18-24 hours.
  • Roll in confectioner’s sugar and remove excess coating through straining.
  • Pack and seal in OPP or PE plastic bags of 0.003″ thickness.
  • Store in dry and cool place.

young jackfruit

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12 Replies to “How to Make Dried Jackfruit”

    1. I need to know first your expected volume of production and the method of drying you are going to used.

      Sun drying equipment cost lower and easy to construct but the drying time is longer and erratic. Oven or Vacuum oven drying provides fast drying but is very expensive to acquire.

  1. Hi. Im very much interested to know the procedures of making Dried Jackfruit. My concern is I need to know first the expected volume of production or how many jackfruit do i have to process and the method of drying i am going to use.

    On the reply mentioned above, Sun drying equipment cost lower and easy to construct but the drying time is longer and erratic while an Oven or Vacuum oven drying provides fast drying but is very expensive to acquire. Can you please refer the supplier of Vacuum Oven you are referring to.

    The sodium erythorbate where can you buy this?

    1. Hello! erythorbate can be bought from Food Ingredient suppliers like MGM Food and Commodities Corporation and Gramix. You can also find other possible suppliers on

      Use oven with either LPG/electricity/ or Steam as heat source. According to a friend, steam powered ovens are the most economical for commercial operations. Forget the vacuum and focus on the air circulation feature. The equipment should have sufficient fans to take in and take out air.

      You can find many suitable equipment on but not in local market. An alternative way is to study the equipment you need, create a rough sketch, and find a local fabricator.

      I know how to make dried jackfruit but I don’t have any production estimates.

      Is there anyting I can do to help?

  2. Jack fruit can be dried after blanching and dipping in sodium meta bisulphate solution. With out sugar when dried we get brittle slices of jack fruit. Is there market for this product? It can be pulverised also

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