Clay Water Filter for Home Use

The picture below is a clay water filter or CWF. The CWF Project was designed primarily to operate in the southern districts of Galle, Matara, and Kalutara for the benefit of Tsunami affected persons.

The CWF is a household unit for filtering, treating and storing potable water. It consists of a porous clay “pot” suspended in a 20 litre plastic receptacle with a tap located close to the bottom, through which the clean water is drawn. Its operation is straightforward: The plastic lid is removed and the clay pot
is filled with water of uncertain quality. This gravity fed water passes slowly through the pores in the sides and bottom of the pot and is collected in the plastic receptacle.

image courtesy of red cross

What are the CWF components?
1. Filter elements or pots are made in Sri Lanka under contract in factories situated in Matara and Kelaniya.
Meticulous efforts have been invested in the production systems to ensure consistent product quality from both factories.
2. Water receptacle (or buckets) with lid. These are made by a Kurunegala based producer. The translucent blue colour differentiates CWFs sold on the commercial market from the white ones previously distributed free of charge. Each bucket is branded with the SLRCS logo.
3. A spigot with washers is supplied and instructions are given to ensure its leak-proof assembly to the bucket.
4. Cleaning brush: A cleaning brush is provided with the clay water filter kit so that families can regularly clean them.
5. Usage instructions brochure: These instructions help to educate new users on cleaning and maintenance.

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