Coffee Husk Tea

For the first trial. Tea making time. I brought water to boil. Let it cool for two minutes. Then steeped a spoonful of husk in glass for about five minutes.

The glass immediately turns tea-like upon pouring the hot water. The typically dried coffee bean smell became pronounced. Nothing else I could perceived. Maybe there was. My senses is not trained with other tea stuffs. Maybe that is why!

coffee husk tea preparation

The color was getting darker toward the end of set time. I decided to halt there though. For the strict coffee and tea preparation, getting beyond certain times will extract unwanted flavors.

In its plain form. The smell is typical of dried coffee beans but the taste resembles the original tea. If you are tea lover, you gonna appreciate it.

The coffee husk that I got hold of was Excelsa variety. The highly sought Arabica might have better flavor.


coffee husk tea with ginger slice

I like this version. This is better. Getting opinion from someone who has experience helps a lot.

This recipe is from YouTube Chanel, The Roaster Pack.

  • 20 grams cascara
  • 400 g water,  about 93 degree Celsius
  • Steep 4 minutes
  • Add cinnamon or ginger

I reduced the water volume down to 150 ml. Did cross multiplication to get the 7.5 grams husk proportion. Ended up adding 9 grams in the end. Brought the measured water to boiling. Wait for 2 minutes to lower the temperature a little. To about 93 C as stated.  Put the husk plus a slice of ginger in vessel and poured the hot water in. Let it stand for 4 minutes as instructed. Removed all the floating husk.

This time, it is more enjoyable. Mild cascara flavor plus a light ginger kick.

Going to try cinnamon next.

Note: Liquid ingredients are normally measured by mL. It could also be measured by weight but the first is easier. One gram of pure water is equivalent to one mL. I used filtered water. I assume the difference is negligible.


I prepared another one this morning.  The same set and measurement of ingredients except for one. I added a squeeze of calamansi instead of ginger. I transferred it to clean tea cup right after.  I noticed previously, the coffee husk taste was getting stronger toward the bottom.  That was because I let the husk soaked. I never liked it that way.

The resulting tea was still good. However, the calamansi was overpowering the cascara. I should have added the calamansi gradually until I achieved the right blend.

coffee husk calamansi tea

update as of September 2018

I saw this at SMX exhibit. Interesting!

packed coffee cascara

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