Is Cooking on Wood Fire Better than Cooking on Gas Stove ?

Is Cooking on Wood Fire Better than Cooking on Gas Stove ? So what are the differences between the two. This question have stayed in my mind since childhood.

My father and mother told me that wood fire cooked pandesal bread is more delicious than today modern pandesal. They always cook rice on a wood fire even if they have a gas stove. In fact, they only provide the gas stove for emergency purposes only, like early morning cooking and during very busy days.

One food businesswoman stated that they only cook on wood fire because Filipino love the smoke flavor imparted by burning wood. The businesswoman statement might be true because the food may absorb smoke, which is the principle in making fish tinapa. The same is true for cooking over a gas stove, lpg tank or the gas stove itself may emit some gas leaks that can be absorb by food.

wood fire cooking

For me, wood fire cooked foods like rice, broiled fish / meat, pandesal and other viand are more delectable. Your taste preference may be different.

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