Which Type of Ginger Tea Do You Prefer?

Which type of ginger tea do you prefer?

Instant ginger powder. The instant ginger powder is getting popular. Many are encouraged to buy the instant instead of boiling fresh ginger. Instant is really convenient. Preparation is easy, get hot water and pour a spoonful. Perfect for people under busy schedule.

ginger powder

The downside, the powder is made of sugar plus ginger extract. The ratio could be 2:1 or 1:1 – sugar to ginger juice. Manufacturers could make it 3:1 for more profit. Then the solution is boiled to get back the sugar crystal form. It is a ginger flavored sugar. The more powder you add to cup the more intense the ginger flavor will be. The sweetness will also increase in proportion. Not really suited for diabetics.

Dried ginger or ginger in teabags. Tea bags are almost like instant but the preparation time takes longer. You need to wait approximately three to five minutes (not sure) before enjoying the cup. The tea might be made of leftover gingers. The manufacturer is extracting the juice for instant ginger making. The fibers are then dried and ground for tea bags.

Update as of May 22, 2012. I tried steeping dried ginger. It took ten minutes to get a good flavor and aroma.

I saw on web that Lipton has ginger version of tea. The Lipton Herbal Tea Ginger Twist. I have never seen it here yet. I gonna try it once available.

ginger on tray

Freshly Boiled Ginger. The old fashion way of making salabat. Get few ginger slices. Drop to water and let boil for about 15 minutes. Nothing can beat the freshly boiled salabat. Rest assured that it is natural and pure. No added sugar or other preservatives. It is time consuming though.

Boiling fresh ginger is my favorite. The instant lacks flavor and aroma. I bet the same is true for tea bag version.

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