Name this Violet Bell Flower!

Anyone know the name of this violet flower? It looks like a bell but the normal position is commonly upward,.facing the sun’s shine and holding some water during rain. Stems are long and thin, thin as a vine but the plant belongs to shrub category. Can serve as ornamental fence but not popular.

name this violet flower

This flower has edible part. Pull it off from the stem. Sip the base and the slightly sweet and delectable liquid can be enjoyed – the nectar. Sipping every flower is fun. We often gather every last flower during blooming season.

Please share more information about this thanks! Thanks!

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  1. I like your blog, it has lots of great information about foods I love but can’t find easily in NYC (young coco water mmmmmm.)
    This site can help you identify-

    “We often gather every last flower during blooming season.”
    If you keep doing that, there will be fewer and fewer flowers every year.
    Leave some to turn to seed, only pick one in three.
    Do you have Mamey/Sapote? That is my favorite fruit!

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