Pili Pulp As Source of Colorant, Oil and Protein

There is a line of pili nut tree along the road. I always look up and look down whenever I pass by. I am checking if there are any fruits on branches. If there are fruits, perhaps some nuts have already fallen on the ground. I am picking up fruits from the ground. The tree owner will surely get angry if I get some fruits above. I am not eating the nuts though. I am just collecting the hard nuts.

The tree is well known for its nuts and most tree are grown for it. I never knew before that its bark is the source of Manila Elemi Oil. The popular international brand “Chanel” is using it for its anti-aging products. Thanks for the featured story aired by Jessica Soho.

Another promising part of the tree is the fruit pulp or the outside skin. Colorant, oil and protein can be extracted from pulp. The technologist are protected by Intellectual Property Rights. Interested parties may contact Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development – Department of Science and Technology (PCIERD-DOST).

pili nut

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