Do You Eat Unyang / Weaver Ant Eggs ? Details Needed

The guyabano fruit. I love eating this fruit. My love for this fruit is enforced with its shocking health benefits. Many individuals are testifying that this fruit really cured their illness. Some persons believe but most doctors don’t. Many are reading about my write-ups about guyabano but still asking for more answer.

The guyabano fruit below is nearing its maturity but harvesting it won’t be easy. It is guarded with large number of six-legged red soldiers. Each of them will bite fiercely and spray formic acid causing a very irritable itch and ache. One won’ hurt but they attack in swarm so the probability of getting more than 100 bite before getting the fruit is high.

The six-legged red soldier is locally known as unyang / himumuki. It is called weaver ant in English. They are called weaver ant because of their unique ability to glue pieces of leaves together. A single colony might have more than 100 leaf houses.

unyang ants on raw guyabano

This is unyang ant colony. They use larval silk to stick the leaves together. Weaver ants on tree might render the fruits unpickable. Mere staying under the tree is not recommended cause ants are falling from time to time.

unyang weaver ant colony

Do you think weaver ants are bad insects. Not really cause their eggs is a delicacy in Thailand. A preserved weaver ant eggs is for sale on this website.

unyang eggs in bottleFor those who know how it taste, please tell me some details. How to eat and the preparations needed. How and when to harvest eggs.

Could the eggs be harvested without destroying the whole colony?



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