Maintain Uniform Color of Juice Concentrate and Kaong Sugar

The two bottles of juice concentrate below have a slight color difference. One is slightly darker than another. The same may happen when processing kaong sugar, different batches may have  different colors.

Assuming that we are using the same quality and amount of raw materials every batch, the color output should be the same every cooking session. Same products of different colors are not pleasing, it may discourage potential customers.

As a manufacturer, we don’t want this bad thing to happen. We want our natural sugar or concentrate to have a uniform color.

Time to get the candy thermometer, timer and record book. Use this item to record the temperature and length of cooking / evaporation and take note of these:

To maintain the natural product color, set the temperature as high as possible but not to the point that it will scorch or burnt the product. Through this method, the shortest possible processing time can be attained. Low temperature setting and long processing time allow the browning reaction to occur.

kaong syrup

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