Alcohol Content of San Mig Light?

Please pay attention when watching tv commercials! Light soft drinks are popular, like Coke Light, Coke Zero, Pepsi Max and so on. For soft drinks, light mean low calorie, low sugar content or absence of sugar by replacing it with artificial sweetener. In beer, light means two thing. Its either low calorie or low alcohol content.

Watch again! Please report if broken!

The tv commercial means: San Mig Light is a low calorie bear (you can see it clearly on label). Someone can stand a longer drinking session because only 100 calories are consumed for ever 330 ml bottle or can. The regular San Mig Pale Pilsen has approximately 130 calories. Less 30 calories for every bottle of San Mig Light.

Both San Mig Light and San Miguel Pale Pilsen have 5% alcohol by volume.

Less tummy fat without affecting its intoxicating effect. If your intoxicating limit is ten 330ml beer then you will get the same effect with the same number and volume of San Mig Light.

san mig light aluminum can

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