Rockstar Guava Punched Energy Drink

Rockstar Punched, tropical guava energy drink. Party like a rockstar.

rockstar guava punched

Rockstar Guava Punched is a mix of amazing tasting tropical guava flavors packed with a potent herbal blend. Rockstar is specially formulated to provide an invigorating energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles – from athletes to rock stars. Enjoy this fully refreshing, lightly carbonated beverage super chilled. Party like a rockstar.

Comes in 250 ml sleek and tall aluminum can, 5 cm diameter and 13 cm tall. With an easy open lid. Wash thoroughly before opening to prevent any dirt from coming in to liquid or entering the mouth.

The taste is too sweet, just like any other energy drinks. The taste and sensation from lips down the stomach was comparable to Cobra and Sting.

It’s flavor is tropical guava but I could not sensed a kick of guava flavor. It was a coincidence that I have just eaten several guavas before opening the can. Maybe it was not appropriate comparing an artificial against real fruit.

rockstar guava punched energy drink

A violet colored can. A color similar to ube halaya. It was also a coincidence that I ate ube halaya just before. I am thinking what was their reason for choosing this color. Guavas are dark to light green with dirty white or pink inner. I have never seen or heard about violet colored guava.

Violet color, has wavelength of 400 nanometer at the end of visible light spectrum. Shorter wavelength has greater energy thus violet has the most energy among the visible spectrum. Maybe that’s the reason.

According to, violet is the color of creativity, intuition, spirituality and self-awareness. Maybe…

Red and blue are often associated with energy drink. Red for its active nature and blue for relaxing effect.

Liquid composition: Carbonated water, natural and artificial flavors, natural tropical guava flavor, sucrose, gum arabic, ester gum, eu energy blend, citric acid, taurine, glucoronolactone, sodium citrate, caffeine, sodium chloride, red #40, guarana seed extract, inositol, panax ginseng (root extract), Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Yellow#6 and Vitamin B12.

The term “eu energy blend and glucoronolactone” was new to me. Going to dig deeper about it.

Nutrients it contains are reflection of above mentioned ingredients.

Caution: This product contains caffeine. Excessive intake of caffeine may cause sleeplessness, palpitations and other similar side effects. This product is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.

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