The Quezon Province Special Tikoy – Ready to Eat

How to cook tikoy? Cut tikoy into thin slices. Beat eggs. Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Dip thin tikoy slices to beaten eggs and fry until the egg coating is cooked.

If you are feeling lazy to cook. Well, thin slices can be eaten raw. I never know how many people are doing this – eating raw tikoy. I, brother and uncle indeed eat it raw. It is less delectable when not cooked but at least there is no extra oil absorbed due to frying.

Too lazy to cook tikoy but never want to it raw? You can have the ready to eat tikoy. You never need to go to China Town to find one. Go to Quezon Province instead and buy the ready to eat tikoy, the Quezon Province Special Tikoy.

This tikoy is like the original. It is firm and sticky but sweet and have a touch or caramel flavor.

I ate Special Tikoy about 13 years ago, Barakalan at SM Megamall.

Several days ago, my sister had a trip to Quezon Province. I told her to buy some tikoy for me. Here it is! Wanna have some?

quezon special tikoy

special tikoy quezon

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