Cheap and Nutritious Pinoy Tasty, Loaf Bread

Perhaps you have seen the Pinoy Tasty if you are one of those mall goers. This tasty (loaf bread) is a project of Department of Trade of Industry (DTI) and a group of Bakers. I guessed this bread has nothing to with President Noynoy Aquino. The spelling is Pinoy and not PNOY, the abbreviation of President Noynoy.

Loaf bread price range from 42-47 pesos but Pinoy Tasty cost only 36 pesos. A a maximum of 10 peso price difference.

Pinoy tasty has limited amount of ingredients. It has no eggs, milk, margarine and bread improver. They also used a cheaper version of sugar, wash sugar (maybe segunda or brown sugar)

The label claimed that it is cheap and nutritious. It is fortified with iron and Vitamin A. I have not tasted it yet because I have no time to go to supermarket. The nearest one is a two hours travel.

I wonder if it is really tasty, delicious, even if eggs, milk and margarine are omitted.  The bread loaf below is really delicious. I love eating it even without mayonnaise, peanut butter, jam or any kind of spread. I hope the Pinoy tasty is not different to this.

pinoy tasty with a bitten corner

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