Uses of Matured Coconut Water

Whenever I break coconut for the purpose of cooking or as native chicken feed, I always discard the water away. Why? Because old coconut water taste is inferior as compared with young coconut water. The same situation happen in most copra processing area. A lot of coconut liquid endosperm are wasted.

I grated some coconut for making suman, rice cake cooked in coconut milk. I saved the coconut water, filtered it using clean cheesecloth. I added some sugar to taste, (matured coconut water lacks sweetness). The result was great, the taste is like a mixture of young coconut water and virgin coconut oil.

Matured coconut water can also be used for making vinegar, wine and nata. As a medicine, it is used to cure and prevent renal disorders. Formation of renal stones can be avoided by drinking coconut water daily.

bunch of matured coconut and coconut water

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  1. Can alcohol or ethanol be produced from matured coconut water? Is it possible and would the yield be considerable? You said that it can be made into vinegar so maybe it can also produce alcohol (since fermentation is done)?

    1. @ Joan – Yes it can be made to alcohol. The yield will depend on initial sugar content or Brix of coconut water. For example – 20 degree Brix will yield about 14 % alcohol (ethanol)

    1. young coconut water is better in term of taste, the expected outcome is good tasting too. Old coconut water is inferior and often dump. It is a better raw material, it is cheap.

  2. Hi Marvin, I am very interested in conducting a bio-ethanol project this year.

    I am planing to produce ethanol from coconut water and one of your replies to a comment by Joan ” Yes it can be made to alcohol. The yield will depend on initial sugar content or Brix of coconut water. For example – 20 degree Brix will yield about 14 % alcohol (ethanol). Are you refering to young or old coconut water?

    Also, can the coconut copra be used in production of ethanol? as ethanol can be made from any crop or plant that contains a large amount of sugar or components that can be converted into sugar, such as starch or cellulose.

    Lastly, i understand that the Philippines is the World’s largest producer of the coconut and i am wondering if the production of ethanol using coconut water and coconut meat(if possible) has a cutting edge over commercial ethanol production for my project to be feasible.

    Thank You very much for your time and if you wish to share any experiences: )))))

    Happy 2012
    Brian Low

    1. Both young and mature coconut water can be used. Oil can be extracted from copra but not liquid for ethanol production. I cannot fully answer the last question. Mature coconut water are discarded in copra processing. Young coconut water would be very expensive as raw material while the mature water would be cheap.

  3. Thank you for your reply. In simple terms, i should focus on using mature coconut water in bio-ethanol production is that right?

  4. we have plenty of matured coconut that we accumulate on a daily basis and we just throw it away. can yo please give us the exact formula and procedure to make ethanol and vinegar with the right measurement and time to make them. thanks

  5. water from matured nuts are not ideal for ethanol production. their sugar content is very low.

    I have never heard of “20° Brix water from matured nuts”

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